The Development Potentials Of The Polyurethane Insulation Materials

Polyurethane is called well-known macromolecule material of the fifth plastic in the world, which has been widely applied in a variety of industries, such as, electronics, architecture, automobiles, national defense and aerospace. After the polyurethane insulation materials are developed, they are used in the architecture, automobile and other fields rapidly due to their excellent performance.

Polyurethane insulation materials provide excellent thermal insulation, and their thermal conductivity coefficient can reach 0.017-0.025w/m.k, which means that they are a kind of material with the lowest thermal conductivity coefficient in the present organic and inorganic thermal insulations. They enjoy the thinnest thermal insulation layer in the same insulating conditions.

At present, there are almost 100 000 high buildings, among which have hundreds of super high rise buildings over 100 meters in China. In the future 30 years, it forecasts that China will build about 100 000 new high buildings, so the polyurethane insulation materials will catch a historic chance for their development.