The Difference Between Waterstop And Waterstop Strip

The difference between the waterstop strip and the waterstop is that the waterstop is often used for temperature shrinkage joints, settlement joints, etc., and the waterstop strip are used in construction joints. From the point of view of function, the water stop belt is mostly made of rubber, which can only function as a water stop. The water stop strip is in the construction joint and will expand when it meets water, thus functioning as a water stop.

After the water stop is expanded by water absorption, it can be in close contact with the concrete, and the gap in the concrete is blocked to achieve the water stopping effect. Because there are some unforeseen problems in the construction, the use of waterstops can avoid problems. The water stop strip is round and long, and the overall construction is simple. However, there are some situations to be noted when installing: First, the steel bars are dense, which makes the water stop strips difficult to install. Second, the time is long, and the water stop strips absorb moisture and expand. The effect is not good; the third is that the construction joint is not flat, resulting in poor contact, these are things to consider when installing. Usually, the water stop strip is installed in the secondary part and the place where the requirements are not strict, and the water stop effect is slightly inferior to the water stop belt.