The Electric Pump Should Have A Large Range Of Regulation

The Electric Pump should have a large range of regulation
    Can not do so can not think of the rapid development of science and technology today, making everything possible. I plant the Electric Pump is that you really appreciate the benefits of science and technology. The machine is a screw-type high-pressure pump advanced technology. Operation and maintenance is simple, without special training can be skilled operation. Compact performance, mobile and flexible, with manual operation, work without noise, safe and reliable; product performance quality has reached the international peer level, more optimized technology products, no pulse, work pressure, flow, high production efficiency. In the past, artificial work, Electric Pump easy to get, to your construction to bring unexpected surprises.
    I believe that many of our customers in the choice of Electric Pump will be a comprehensive consideration and careful choice, because it can directly affect our future use and work efficiency. Perhaps familiar with the product users are aware, we must choose the regular manufacturers and brand products, so that we can make better use of Electric Pumps.
    Need to understand is the use of Electric Pump features, such as: its stable and reliable performance, pressure and flow adjustment is convenient, long life, Electric Pump with small energy consumption, small vibration, low noise, small size, high efficiency. Of course, it is precisely because these determine its excellent performance.
    First of all, the Electric Pump should have a larger range of regulation of the amount of slurry, the general amount of grouting and the amount of injection of about 8 to 10 times the change. Grouting at the end of the small, proved to fill the compaction of the good. Secondly, should have a reliable pressure control ability, it is best to have a change with the grouting pressure and automatically adjust the amount of slurry performance. Finally, the Electric Pump should be operated and repaired simply and safely and reliably. Because the use of Electric Pump slurry is easy to precipitate, solidification, Electric Pump must ensure that each grouting midway shall not pause (should be done before the preventive maintenance of grouting). Hope that the above can be used for Electric Pump users to provide useful information, if you have this demand, then you can get in touch with us, I believe that our products are absolutely high quality, to meet your needs, the most important Is to bring you a good benefit!
 Our Electric Pumps have piston and squeeze Electric Pumps. Transport process requires mobility, dry material without water does not have a mobility, so there is no transmission, the machine is not working properly. If the transport of dry material, there are several shotcrete machine for everyone to choose, in the operation, only with a shotcrete machine can be a normal operation.
    Grouting pump is to let the cement Electric Pump in the surrounding soil through the soaking, filling, compaction to expand the composition of pulp. Through the drilling to the soil layer of pressure into the necessary water-cement ratio of the slurry, on the one hand grouting hole outward to form a cylindrical slurry, drilling around the soil was kneading filling, close to the slurry of soil damage And shear, Electric Pump constitute a plastic deformation zone, from the slurry far from the soil is the occurrence of elastic deformation, drilling around the soil density of the whole progress. On the other hand with the progress of the grouting, the development of soil cracks and the penetration of the slurry, the slurry in the formation of different directions, the thickness of the flaky, strip, lumps of slurry, longitudinal mode intertwined pulp followed Its cohesion and hardening, constitute a stone and soil between the tight and rough touch, along the grouting pipe to form irregular, diameter and thickness of the pile. And then play a role with each other to control the settlement, the role of progressive bearing capacity. In the case of
    In the grouting process, Electric Pump when the slurry from the other adjacent drilling out of the string, the following approach to deal with: increase the hole between the first hole; in the construction arrangements, the appropriate extension of the adjacent two sub-hole construction time Distance, so that the first hole after the slurry is simply condensed or have a certain strength, and then start after the first drilling, Electric Pump adjacent to the same hole do not in the same high-level drilling in the grouting; string if the hole to be hole, With the grouting approach to disposal, such as the string hole is drilling, then stop drilling off the hole, until the grouting after rehabilitation drilling.