The Present Situation Of The Waterproof Market Worrying

       Thanks to years of architectural leakage has become the industry's second biggest killer, known as "cancer" building. This is caused by the largest inferior waterproof material in construction market.

       General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine staff in building waterproofing industry, put forward a data material: "according to the data statistics show that more than 60% of the domestic new housing within a year will appear different degree of leakage phenomenon, and these new waterproof construction in the next 6-8 years needs to be renovated redo." And it is the ultimate source of data of counterfeit waterproofing material.

        Since reform and opening up, the waterproof industry obtained the sufficient development, advantages and disadvantages, meanwhile fake and inferior products are followed. Even in a line like Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen city, the building materials market sale inferior waterproof material.

        According to the survey, fake waterproof material production base has the following four: north to panjin liaoyang, south to nahuy zhuozhou, after in wujiang huzhou, the east side to the shouguang, called the four fraud points of domestic waterproof material. Set up a file in the northeast three provinces, is the main sale and nahuy zhuozhou is beijing-tianjin-hebei, wujiang, huzhou mainly flow to the Yangtze river delta. According to understand, as long as a fraud small mill in less than five hundred thousand can buy a production line. And their products raw materials mainly used in the waste asphalt or scrap tires, and the considerable profit, less than RMB400 a ton of waste asphalt, asphalt is a ton of more than RMB5000.

        China association of waterproof enterprise registered in more than 3000, but in the industrial and commercial bureau registration production enterprises with production license only less than 1500, and no license enterprise ascertained that there are nearly thousand. So we later in the selection of waterproof material, pay attention to the manufacturer.

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