The Problem Of The Decryption Of Urethane Grout Should Be Paid Attention To And The Economic Value

The problem of the decryption of Urethane Grout should be paid attention to and the economic value

(1) Urethane Grout should be chosen when the temperature is relatively low, with 5 ~ 30 ℃ advisable.

(2) the Urethane Grout should be carried out when the temperature is relatively dry. Or a few days after the rain in the rainy season, should stop Urethane Grout construction, since the road.the bottom often have a lot of water, although perfusion are part of the water discharge can be, but it is impossible to completely discharge water, thus influence Urethane Grout effect.

(3) when some hole Urethane Grout, grout is difficult to insert, can use first to hole injection pump a small amount of water or jet air, to form small cavity and road.the parts, so that the initial distribution of the grout.

(4) it should control the pressure of Urethane Grout. When the plate uplift is not considered, the Urethane Grout pressure should not exceed 2MPa. When the pressure gauge pressure on the Urethane Grout pump increases and exceeds the control value, the pump should be stopped to avoid the disturbance of the plate body. At the same time, the pressure is too high to cause the Urethane Grout embolism.

(5) when it is observed that the slurry flows from one hole into another hole or the slurry emerges from the seam and no longer extends, it should be deemed to be full; When Epoxy Grout grout out from the adjacent holes, Urethane Grout embolism on the valve should be closed adjacent hole (or with a cork plug orifice) and static pressure for a period of time, in order to avoid the pressure loss, ensure the gap filling compact.

(6) Urethane Grout after must before the final set in mortar, clear away the residue in the joints and cracks in time, lest cause plates push burst, and before the open traffic, with appropriate caulking material to crack seal, residues in pavement mortar shall be removed in a timely manner at the same time, avoid to cause the road pollution.

(7) the Urethane Grout hole can be filled with a fine stone concrete that is not lower than the original pavement design strength. The reUrethane Grout shall be redrilled.

(8) the Urethane Grout can neither make the sink nor the wrong platform lift to the specified elevation or in place, nor can it solve the problems caused by the cracks to reduce the quality and performance of the concrete pavement. As a result, Urethane Grout, local repair and cover layer three methods are used as a more effective curing technique.

(9) Urethane Grout should be done when the detailed construction records, the record should be able to reflect the position of the Urethane Grout hole every board and fabric hole number, each pu Urethane Grout pressure and Epoxy Grout hole Urethane Grout volume, plasma situation description, and so on. The construction record should also include the release status of Urethane Grout board, the description of the disease situation and the mix proportion of the Urethane Grout materials and the main technical index data.

(10) to ensure the construction quality of the reinforced concrete pavement of old cement concrete pavement, the construction personnel should organize relatively stable professional teams.

The advantages of using Urethane Grout for the early and mid-term damage of the old cement concrete pavement compared with the "change board" are the use of the original pavement plate. The direct cost is different from that of the space and the purpose of treatment, generally between 10 and 30 yuan/m2. "Change board" to renovate concrete road surface per square metre cost commonly need 120 ~ 140 yuan. The direct costs of the former are significantly lower than the latter. Urethane Grout as a governance concrete pavement diseases, timely feasible scientific maintenance technology, has low cost, quick effect, convenient operation, small impact on the vehicle, and the advantages of small affected by natural factors. In highway construction and maintenance engineering, it has considerable economic and social benefits.