The Processing Flow Of The Grouting Hose

Grouting pipe is a prefilled grouting pipe system for the construction of concrete joints, cold joints, pipe seams, walls and other gaps between the permanent seal. It is very appropriate to install a grouting pipe between the joints of the new and old concrete. When the water into the seams, you can set the surface of the PVC port into the slurry to seal this method can seal the joints. Appropriate grouting time can be selected after the end of concrete curing grouting. Leakage joints can also be made with this method permanent seal.

Processing Flow

A grouting pipe installation of the key construction process: Taiwan mold processing, installation of a grouting pipe processing a spring steel skeleton, mesh lashing a grouting pipe and installation of embedded side of the side of the installation of a process acceptance of a concrete pouring a The thickness of the concrete to ensure that the overall thickness of the plate, steel seam joints should be uniform.

1. Each piece of die in place when the steam probe and so laying in the bottom of the touch, installed in place after the adjustment by the mold. According to the actual needs of the installation of 1200m on both sides of the formation of a good reinforcement should be upgraded to do well signs.

2. If the diameter of the grouting connection bar is less than or equal to 16, the diameter of the connecting bar is greater than 16.

3. According to the components, the spring skeleton grouting tube cutting cutting. Cutting surface will be promulgated Fan, no burr. The length of the flat section must be connected to the steel bar, grouting pipe bending process is not a small hair grouting tube diameter of the auxiliary pressure, cracks and other phenomena Note purple m and fl installed disguise 45-56.

Second, the spring steel skeleton grouting pipe in accordance with the component Shi Gang banded steel frame reinforced bamboo frame, tied into the Jing pile after the stack in the designated position to be hoisted to the horizon. Reinforcement of the process should be strictly in accordance with the carrier to carry out the quality of wall control at the same time do a good job

Third, fill the tube into the roof to stay buried

Grouting the top buried in the template for positioning,

Fourth, die-mounted stairs, component side molds as much as possible to increase the template turnover rate. According to design size. The template uses a shearing machine, a trim machine. Training machines and other cutting, cutting standards for steel hidden, horizontal plate for the acceptance of the whole process to meet the construction of technical concrete pouring

1. Before mixing the concrete, sand and stone moisture content should be measured and adjusted according to the test results.

2. Concrete should be evenly fabric, vibrate to do "fast plug slowly pull", and up and down slightly twitching, so that the concrete up and down vibrating evenly. Vibration in order, to avoid over-vibration, leakage vibration, until the concrete surface was level, no significant subsidence, no longer appear bubbles, the surface so far as the slurry. Vibrating should be avoided when the vibrator hit the side of the module, grouting pipe, pipeline, embedded parts and so on.

3. Concrete construction process should be responsible for the care of steel, templates, hydropower reserved for embedded, to prevent deformation, displacement and so on. And in time to do the surface of the components of the calendering and the surface of the laminated board and other processes.

4. Concrete approach should be slump test, the same batch of strength with the strength of the concrete made of not less than three groups of test pieces, a group for standard maintenance, the other two groups with the same conditions used to determine the demolition and allow Lifting time.

Five, conservation

1. The concrete components shall be covered and the moisture conservation and maintenance of the components shall be carried out within 12 hours after pouring. The time of concrete watering and curing shall not be less than 7% of the concrete mixed with Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement or slag Portland cement Day; for the incorporation of retarding admixture or impervious to the requirements of concrete, not less than 14 degrees. The use of plastic sheet covering the maintenance of concrete, all of its exposed surface should be tightly covered, and should keep the plastic cloth within the condensate.

2. Daily average temperature below 5 degrees shall not be watering and take insulation measures. Steam curing can be used when the temperature is less than the natural curing conditions or the need for early stripping. Steam curing is generally about 65 degrees temperature steam curing, conservation should be used canvas, tarpaulin cover. In order to avoid the sudden rise and fall of the steam temperature caused by concrete components crack deformation, must strictly control the heating and cooling rate.

3. Concrete strength to ensure that its surface and edges and corners are not damaged due to mold, you can remove the side mold.

4. Concrete strength must be in accordance with the design requirements when lifting and stripping. When designed without special requirements, the nonstopressive member should not be less than 50% of the standard value of the design of the concrete cube compressive strength, and the prestressed member should not be less than 75% of the standard value of the concrete cube compressive strength.

5. Stacking plate and other horizontal components to be used to lift a special spreader, while ensuring that the lifting force evenly, to avoid uneven structural components caused by fracture.

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