The Sealant Application For Aerospace

The aerospace industry requires the adhesives to conquer some special environments, such as, high temperature, high pressure and extremely cold. Silicone sealant provides many advantages as one of the most widely used adhesives in the aerospace, such as, the resistance to high and low temperature, no pollution, non-toxic, resisting vacuuming, aerospace fuels, radiation as well as some corrosion from the pushing agents.

The major water proof sealants applied in the aerospace are silicones, polyurethane sealants and others, which are typically used to seal the entire fuel tank in the plane body, plane wings, and the various sealed capsules. Polyurethane sealants offer good extra low temperature resistance, which are mainly used to seal and connect the rocket propellant.

In addition, the windows, instruments, instrument bay, inserter, electronic components and so forth in the airplane can apply the sealants for the potting