The Selection Of Waterproof Material Quality Judgments

1 water permeability.

2 compression, tear strength.

3 weatherability, anti-aging.

4 surface decorative materials followed by waterproof traps general approach in the room decoration process, the need to do waterproof space mainly toilet, kitchen, balcony and so on. The main purpose of waterproofing is to use their own families in the use of water, will affect the downstairs neighbor by leakage. So when your home's roof leaking or water seepage, in their own roof to do waterproofing is of no avail, we must do in your upstairs neighbor's waterproofing effect. While living on the first floor of the user do not have to do waterproof, but waterproof can play a moisture barrier, Moisturizing and so on. Waterproof general approach is: in the original place

Closed water closed experiment

Surface with cement mortar leveling, to be dried (referring to not wet), with two sets of polyurethane waterproof coating uniform brush 3 times or with modified asphalt or glass cloth to do two oil and one cloth. Require the bathroom wall to do 1.2-1.5m high, the kitchen is not less than 0.5m high, balcony to the height of the outer windowsill shall prevail. After 24 hours of dry water closed closed experiment, confirmed that no leakage after the ground construction. If the original floor of the room or the walls were damaged, it must be waterproofing and closed water closed experiment.