The Suggestions Of Polyurethane Grouts Injection

Injecting Polyurethane Grouts in Hot Weather

We often get asked about how polyurethane resins will react in cold weather or in the presence of cold water. In that case, both typically slow reaction times. Less common are questions about chemical grouting in hot weather. There are, in fact, some things you should keep in mind when temperatures are soaring on your job site.

1.Be ready and alert: Hot conditions and hot material will typically result in a faster reaction.

2.Turn down the heat: If you are pumping heated plural-component material, you may need to lower the heaters on your plural-component system to keep pressures balanced.

3.Keep cool: Avoid leaving containers of material in direct sunlight on hot days. A pop up tent top can provide much-needed shade for material and workers.

4.Stay dry: When using a water-reactive material, keep the containers closed when working in very humid conditions. This will help to preserve the integrity and effectiveness of the material.