The Use Of Water Glass

A, brushing the surface of the material to improve its weathering resistance. Impregnating or brushing with water glass with a density of 1.35 g/cm3, porous materials such as clay bricks, cement concrete, silicate concrete, and stone materials, can improve the material's compactness and strength. , impermeability, frost resistance and water resistance.

B. Reinforced earth The water glass and calcium chloride solution were alternately pressed into the soil. The resulting silicic acid gel was in a wet state, and the moisture in the absorbed soil was in an expanded state, consolidating the soil.

C. Preparation of quick-setting waterproofing agent.

D. Repairing Cracks in Brick Walls After mixing water glass, granulated blast furnace slag powder, sand, and sodium fluorosilicate in proper proportions, they can be directly pressed into cracks in a brick wall, which can play a role of adhesion and reinforcement.

E, sodium silicate solution can be used as the outer surface of the fire door.

F, can be used to make acid clay, used for furnace lining. Physicochemical properties

G, preparation of silica gel