Two Component Polysulfide Sealant


The product is two component polysulfide joint sealant. The cured material provides good bonding, elasticity, flexible and durable joint sealant.It is use for many application areas which requires high performance and chemical resistance & deterioration resistance sealant with exposure to direct UV environment.


Excellent elongation and flexibility.

Good recovery characteristics.

Good watertight.

Very good UV resistance.

Excellent chemical resistance including with fuel, oil, sea water.

Good resistance to ageing.

Excellent bonding to most building materials.

Provide permanent & durable joint sealants.


Non-toxic (cured).

UV resistance.

Good resistance to cycle movement.


Area Of Uses

Polysulfide joint sealant can be use to seal movement joints or contraction joints in dams, subways, treatment tanks, water tanks, bridges, highways, runways, civil engineering structures, parapets, roofing, industrial, petrochemical complex industrial floors, basements, vertical & horizontal joints,etc.