Urethane Grout Winter Construction: Protect From Freeze-thaw Damage From The Source

Urethane Grout winter construction: protect from freeze-thaw damage from the source
Urethane Grout in winter construction, how to protect it from the source of freeze-thaw damage?
Because of the frostbite that involves water ice expansion, it is logically possible to infer that if excess water can quickly escape to the nearby filling pores, the Urethane Grout is not destroyed. However, it should be emphasized that the volume of the capillary should be minimized at first, otherwise the ice water may be able to exceed the amount of water that the bubble can hold. The incoming air will form a scattered and spherical bubble in the mud, which will not form the water channel and will not improve the permeability of Urethane Grout. Because the gel can only form in water, the pores are never filled with hydration.

This requirement can be converted to require water ash to be small enough to ensure that the strength of Urethane Grout can better withstand the damage caused by freezing. In order to resist freeze-thaw, the water-cement ratio of Urethane Grout should not be greater than 0.50; For the template, including the bridge and the bridge, the maximum water-cement ratio is no more than 0.45. Or, the strength of Urethane Grout must reach 34MPa to be exposed to the freezing and thawing cycle condition.

It is very important that the freezing and thawing damage has serious harm to the winter construction of Urethane Grout, and it is very important to master the method of construction and prevent freeze-thaw from the source.

In the development and application of prefabricated construction, has been in the front row in Japan, especially apply prefabricated building to the tall and super-tall buildings of earthquake area, give full play to the advantages of its extent. Since China's reform and opening up, we have been researching the prefabricated building, but the core problem of concrete reinforced concrete has been developing slowly.

The assembly building is built at a fast speed, which is limited by climatic conditions and saves the labor force and can improve the construction quality. The specific features are as follows:

1. A large number of construction parts are finished by the workshop, such as the outer wall board, inner wall panel, laminated board, balcony, air conditioning board, stair, precast beam, precast column, etc. Centralized production greatly reduces the cost of engineering and is also more conducive to quality control.

2. The building parts produced by the factory are shipped to the site for assembly, reducing the template engineering and artificial workload, and speeding up the construction speed, which is of great significance to reduce the project cost.

3. The assembly construction will transform the whole building from one project into a product. The more standard the component, the higher the production efficiency, the lower the cost and the digital management of the factory. The sex price of the whole assembly building is far from the traditional construction method.

4, different from traditional architecture that must first be done subject to decoration, prefabricated building decoration parts of prefabricated components can be assembled again, after the completion of implementation the decoration engineering of synchronization with the main part, reduced the construction process, reduces the project cost.

5. The construction materials of the prefabricated buildings are more flexible, and the application of various energy-saving and environmental materials such as light steel and wood plate makes the assembly building more consistent with the concept of green building.

To solve the problem of the core of prefabricated reinforced concrete for construction connection problem, our company will be reinforced mechanical connection technology and special grouting material of organic integration, independent research and development out of the socket connection technology and supporting materials, grouting in line with national steel bar connection with sleeve Urethane Grout technology standards, become a Urethane Grout reinforced connecting sleeve Urethane Grout with pioneers in power. In the large area of engineering practice, the reinforcement sleeve joint is fully utilized by Urethane Grout, which can carry weight, fast construction speed and low construction price.