Waterproof Construction Industry Opportunity Could Usher In A Steady Development

   Recently, living building, vice minister of NiHong mentioned at reform, development and exchange of experience in construction industry, cultivate construction new growth drivers, to develop the prefabricated construction, promote the adjustment of industrial structure upgrade, to seize the opportunities brought by the PPP project for the construction industry, push forward the design and construction general contracting mode, standardize the industry management, create a unified and open market order. The move means not only the construction industry for many development opportunities, but also the waterproof industry a new development trend. Last year, according to China's construction industry output value reached 18 trillion yuan, is the real national pillar industries. Is also for this reason, the waterproof industry will usher in a new breakthrough of new opportunities, new challenges.

  China's fixed asset investment grew 8.20% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2016 years ago, is still in low since 2000; Infrastructure construction investment growth has been improving since the second half of 2015. Thus, sign recovery due to construction of new infrastructure investment to speed up. Building enterprise revenues grew by 4.86% year on year; Total profit of 86.654 billion yuan, up 4.81% from a year earlier. Under the new norm, the enterprise to turn our attention to independent innovation, tracking new consumption trend, seek new growth point of building services, such as adopt PPP model in infrastructure construction, improve the efficiency of resource absorbing and distribution; In the utility tunnel construction, renovation of prefabricated building to provide convenient, along with new services such as; In the construction of the project to provide technical advisory services.

 The current industry status display, pay attention to building the whole life cycle management is an important research direction of the industry. At present our country resource management in the buildings there are a lot of waste, investigate its reason is that the management system of real estate there exists a certain problem. Large construction enterprise will reach out to design gradually, maintenance, maintenance, operation, alteration, and many other links, to provide a more humane, building products, provide the building management of value-added services, so as to obtain value-added profits. At the same time, the shift towards quality benefit from economies of scale, provides the high quality service. The good engineering quality is excellent in the part of the product. Only in the case of leakage, more than 70% of the project are exist in different degrees of hidden trouble. Credit enterprise of quality improvement is to improve the quality of all products, and to improve the quality of the project details, all believe that society will endorse the principle of "quality".

  So, don't leak is to ensure that products which can ensure the construction quality of basic requirements. Waterproofing industry products tend to be diversified and at the same time, the quality problem is highlighted particularly, can survive the development in the new era, mainly to see the quality of the products can satisfy people's growing demand for quality and can be self innovation, keep up with the pace of The Times.  Construction industry plays an important role in the new urbanization construction, will become the main force. Waterproof, and the important link in the main force, is also to be reckoned with.