Waterproof Paint Description

Waterproof materials on the market there are two categories: First, polyurethane waterproof coating. Such materials are generally made of polyurethane and coal tar as raw materials. Its volatile tar gas is highly toxic and can not be easily removed. Therefore, it was banned in China in 2000. Still selling polyurethane waterproof coating, is to use asphalt instead of coal tar as raw material. However, in the use of this coating, the general use of toluene, xylene and other organic solvents to dilute, and therefore also contains toxicity; the other is a polymer cement-based waterproof coating. It consists of a wide range of aqueous polymer-based emulsions and high-quality cement mixed with various additives. The flexibility of the polymer (resin) bonds with the rigidity of the cement, making it excellent in impermeability and stability. Its advantage is convenient construction, low overall cost, short construction period, and non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Therefore, the polymer cement base has become the protagonist of the waterproof coating market.

Waterproof paint refers to the paint coating formed to prevent rain or groundwater seepage of a coating.