Waterproof Plugging Method

1 features

1.1 waterproof plugging method can effectively solve the underground construction of concrete structures joints, construction joints, deformation joints, honeycomb and concrete shrinkage cracks infiltration of water leakage, water, waterproof effect is significant.

1.2 waterproof plugging method Construction technology is simple and effective, compact device, not subject to the size of the construction site.

1.3 waterproof plugging method currently used in grouting materials, caulking materials, such as oil-soluble and water-soluble polyurethane grouting material, 821BF water swellable rubber, 888 bentonite caulking glue, have reached the advanced domestic level, and some have Reached the international level.

1.4 waterproof plugging method of work, the use of special technology, materials can be reinforced concrete cracks, especially for large areas of concrete pouring concrete cracks can also be waterproof plugging.