Waterstops Supplier In China

Waterstop is designed for use in any concrete structure which contains joints and is subjected to a hydrostatic load on one face of the structure. It prevents water movement through concrete joints in water reservoirs, canals, dams, sewage treatment plants, bridges, stadiums, basements, floor slabs, parking garages, and similar structures.

Areas of Application

Structural engineering


Industrial building

Power stations

Water excluding

Basement areas

Underground car parks


Retaining walls

Suspended slabs


Roof slabs

Water retaining

Sewage treatment plants

Water treatment plants

Swimming pools

Retaining walls


Dams and spillways

Types of Waterstops

Two main types of profiles are available. Waterstop for centrally placed applications and waterstop for externally placed applications. These profiles are available in rolls with separate intersections supplied to simplify and minimise on-site fabrication.