What Are The Characteristics Of Water Swelling Sealant?

★ The water stop effect is good: it has the dual seal sealing mechanism of elastic sealing of rubber and its own volume expansion and water stoppage after water contact. The maximum resistance is 1.5 Mpa.

★ Strong durability and low mass change rate: The FL-606 structure contains urethane linkage chains, which will not cause the loss of expansion elements during long-term service. At 20°C, the service life exceeds 100 years.

★ Convenient in construction: Single-component, gel-like material, can use standard caulking glue construction gun.

★ Construction adhesive: It can be firmly attached to the concrete surface, regardless of whether the base surface is moist, smooth and rough.

★Environmental protection: With good chemical resistance, it can be resistant to hydrochloric acid, salt water, sodium carbonate, potassium hydroxide and other chemicals. It can be contacted with drinking water, safe and non-toxic. It is an environmentally friendly product.

★Good price performance: The performance is better than the traditional construction joint waterproof material, such as the steel edge rubber water stop or water stop, the price is moderate.