What Are The Precautions For Electric Pump Purchase?

What are the precautions for Electric Pump purchase?
First, the Electric Pump manufacturer's qualification and strength level:
Electric Pump is a mechanical production tool, must rely on a good production process and mature production technology, relying on a sound quality inspection process to produce qualified good products. Therefore, when we buy Electric Pump, be sure to understand the power of the sales of Electric Pump manufacturers. For example, look at the manufacturer's business license, production qualification, etc., to understand some of the manufacturers have what kind of technical team, to understand what kind of manufacturers are using manufacturing technology.
Second, according to their own needs to select the appropriate Electric Pump:
Because the different types of engineering needs of the Electric Pump model is different, and some small works of small-scale cement grouting construction on the choice of small models, large projects choose a large model, although the choice of the middle of the distinction is not very precise, but not in Do not waste the use of resources under the premise of choice is necessary.
Third, the price of Electric Pump to determine:
As the Electric Pump is not a high profit goods, doomed the market price is not much difference. The price of Electric Pump manufacturers is also a comprehensive operating costs of a calculation, we choose to buy some hot models will be a good consideration.
 Electric Pump with compressed air as the power source, the use of cylinder and grouting cylinder has a larger area ratio, so that a smaller pressure can make the cylinder produce a higher injection pressure. Electric Pump is divided into: piston-type Electric Pump, squeeze injection Electric Pump. One of the piston-type Electric Pump with hydraulic transmission and mechanical transmission of two, squeeze Electric Pump and rotor double roller type, straight tube three roller type and belt type double groove type three.
  In the choice of professional Electric Pump, we must go through thousands of selection, because this machine is used on the site, if you buy a poor machine will not only affect the progress of the project, the situation will cause serious accidents, personal safety Not a good guarantee. Therefore, in order to the safety of construction workers, buyers buy mining cement Electric Pump must be a thousand choice.
    The first thing to do is to need to be the most basic foundation of the large, if the most basic projects are Maji soh, then the project is doomed to failure, whether it is engaged in construction or bridge pavement should be the most basic grouting task to do better. Consumers at the time of purchase, do not just concerned about the price, to carefully understand the machine's own performance. The performance of the machine is good quality, in the grouting task can not be sloppy.
Electric Pump need to prepare the tools in addition to the pump comes with a dedicated tool, but also need to have two vise (needle nose pliers, flat mouth pliers each one), 16 on the mouth of a wrench, 18 pipe clamp two, screwdriver (Plum, one by one) two. The connection accessories according to the specific circumstances to prepare, usually need to prepare Φ16mm high pressure hose 10m two, 20m two, 1m two; Φ16mm three links 5, through 5, 5 valve, Φ16mm seal a large number of sealed raw materials With a lot. Electric Pump up and down the well during the transport process, to the muffler (a total of six), pressure gauge (one), U-type hose (two), gas mouth and other vulnerable parts easy to remove, with the tools, , To prevent damage or loss, the interface with a cotton jam. Before using the Electric Pump to test the pump, the duct, suction pipe, the pulp pipe connected to open the pump for water test pump to observe the operation of the Electric Pump, the normal before the grouting operation. Frequently asked questions for the tracheal connection error, Electric Pump can not normally suck pulp. Electric Pump and duct connection in the well will be ready, if the use of quick connector connection, the need for Electric Pump inlet welding quick connector (usually Φ25mm), if the use of Ma mouth connection, pay attention to the downhole diameter and Electric Pump into Gas port diameter matching.