White Cement Can Be The Grouting Material Used

White Cement Can Be The Grouting Material Used

White Portland cement abbreviation, with the appropriate ingredients of the raw material to burn to some of the melting, the calcium carbonate as the main ingredient, less iron content of clinker by adding the right amount of gypsum, ground made of white hydraulic cement material. When grinding cement, it is permissible to add limestone that does not exceed 5% by weight of cement. White cement is mostly decorative, and its manufacturing process is much better than ordinary cement. Mainly used to hook the gap of white tiles, generally not used for the wall, the reason is that the intensity is not high. In the building materials market or decorative materials store for sale.


(1) label: points 325,425,525,625 four labels.

(2) whiteness: the minimum whiteness of not less than 87.


White cement, white Portland cement referred to as white cement, is a white silicate cement clinker by adding gypsum, ground made of hydraulic cementitious material, the typical feature is a high whiteness, bright color.

The typical characteristics of white cement is to have a high whiteness, bright color, generally used as a variety of building decoration materials, the typical paint, sculpture, ground, terrazzo products, white cement can also be used for the production of white and colored concrete components, Is the largest production of decorative cement varieties.

Technical requirement

Magnesium oxide

The content of clinker magnesium oxide shall not exceed 4.5%.

Sulphur trioxide

The content of sulfur trioxide in cement shall not exceed 3.5%.


0.080 mm square hole screen sieve should not exceed 10%.

Storage time

The initial setting may not be earlier than 45 minutes, the final condensate no later than 12 hours.


With boiling method, must be qualified.


Cement in the transport and custody shall not be damp and mixed with debris, different labels and whiteness of the cement should be stored, not mixed.