Why Roof Leaks, Waterproof Input In The Construction Cost Is Too Low

It rains a lot in the national wide range in recent years, building water seepage let many families have a headache. In fact, due to many provinces and cities in our country construction the waterproof to finance investment cost is low, many residential different degree water seepage is the norm. 


In recent 10 years, our country building waterproofing industry got rapid progress. But now, the building leakage has become the second big problem affecting the quality of construction building structures, the important influence on architectural safety and life. 

"At present, the construction status quo have 3 65% of embarrassment: 65% of the house has a water seepage, residential property 65% of complaints is leaking of the building, after five years 65% of new housing will ooze water." About the waterproof experts said on the campaign.


Housing leakage caused by the factors of many: 

First, building waterproof quality requirement is low in our country. 5 years warranty, but building a portion of the structure has the maintainability, unless the redevelopment. Therefore, we should consider building life and waterproof life synchronization. LW acrylic waterproof materials have made a great progress in the quality assurance period, up to 50 years.

Second, the construction cost of the waterproof cost is low. Willing to spend a great part of the building cost make appearance, and take cover engineering quality such as waterproof, line is not up to standard.


Third, waterproof material production market is random. At present, non-standard, fakes, defective waterproof materials has become the mainstream market. In addition, architectural layers of the subcontract, the waterproof is compressed. Subcontracting enterprises to save costs, often choose waterproof materials of poor quality.

LW building protection expert advice, housing ooze water had better get professional maintenance waterproof construction enterprises, and don't keen on gaining petty advantages to find "guerrillas" or the prevent the leakage, the more the worse.