1.South-to-North Water Diversion Project Danjiangkou Hydropower Station

Danjiangkou Hydropower Station.jpgDanjiangkou hydropower is located in the 800 meters which is in the downstream of the intersection of the Han River and its tributary Danjiang River,Danjiangkou,HuBei province,the dam is up to 117meters with the total reservoir capacity of 29.05billon M3 and installed capacity of 900,000 kilowatts,it has the comprehensive benefits of flood control,water supply,power generation,shipping and aquaculture and it is water source project of the middle route of south-to-north water diversion.AC-II acrylate grout is used for the curtain reinforcement in the geological tectonic zone of the dam foundation under the the condition of high water pressure.

2.Tingzikou Power Station

Tingzikou Power Station.jpg

Tingzikou power station is located in the Jialin river,cangxi county,SiChuan.the maximum dam height is 115m with the total reservoir capacity is 4.7 billion M3, the total installed capacity 1,100,000 kilowatts.it is mainly used for flood control,irrigation,Urban-rural water supply and power generation and it has the comprehensive benefits of shipping,sediment-detention and silt reduction.AC-II Acrylate grout is used for solving the problem of weathered sandstone and anti-seepage of the stratum.

3.YouXi Hydro Power Station

YouXi Hydro Power Station.jpg

YouXi hydro power station is located in the mainstream middle reaches of Xinshao county, the dam is up to 44.5 meters with the total reservoir capacity of 0.14 billion M3,the installed capacity of 135,000 kilowatts,It is a large scale water control project which is mainly based on power generation, it  has comprehensive benefits such as shipping, irrigation,tourism and aquaculture.AC-II acryalte grout is used for solving the an-seepage problems which the cement grouting doesn’t reach the requirement on curtain grouting.

4.XieKa Hydropower Station

XieKa Hydropower Station.jpg

XieKa hydropower station is located in Taka river of Xieka,JiuLong county,SiChuan province,the dam is up to 110m with the total reservoir capacity of 84,850,000 M3,it is mainly based on power generation and installed capacity of 135MW.AC-II acrylate grout is used for the curtain grouting for the thick cover of dam foundation.

5.TuKaHE Hydropower Station

TuKaHE Hydropower Station.jpgTuKaHE hydropower station is located in the Li xianjiang which is located on the boundary river between JiangCheng county and Lvchun county of HongHe zhou,SiMao,YunNan province.the maximum dam height is 59.2m, the total installed capacity165MW and the total reservoir capacity is 0.078 billion M3,it is mainly based on power generation.AC-II acrylate grout is used for elimination of loss and reinforcement for the curtain grouting of dam base.

6.NingXia Shapotou Hydropower Station

NingXia Shapotou Hydropower Station.jpgNingXia shapotou hydropower station is located in mainstream of the Yellow River,ZhongWei county,Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.The maximum dam height is 36.8m with the total reservoir capacity is 26,000,000M3,the total installed capacity12.04 kilowatts and it has the function of irrigation and power generation and it is a key water conservancy project which is built during the tenth Five-Year plan and yields benefits in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.Because the dam foundation of curtain contains lime interlay and high content SO₄²¯,After operation a few years,because of the continuous dissolution of the lime interlayer, the permeable rate increases and the uplift pressure behind the curtain increases. In 2014,the curtain is maintained by the AC-II acrylate grout,it has good effect after grouting and reach the requirement of design.