Acrylic Waterproof Coating

Acrylic Waterproof Coating
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Acrylic coating is formulated by combining high polymer acrylic waterproof emulsion, multiple inorganic materials and addictive agents proportionately. It is for common utility of water-proof purpose.  


1. Carry out construction directly on many kinds of wet and dry material’s base.

2. The coating has the characteristics of high strength,water resistance,high and low temperature resistance,good aging resistance,It is especially better than general waterproof products in anti UV.

3. High bonding strength,good elongation performance.

4. One component,simple construction,short construction time

5. Non-toxic,odorless,at present,It is a substitute of solvent waterproof coating which is often used.

Technical Parameter(7d)


Technical Data


Technical Data

Solid content%


Tensile strength MPa


Dry time h


Elongation at break %


Low temperature flexibility


Water impermeability

0.3MPa 30min Impermeable

Package and storage

1.The package is barrel,25kg/barrel

2.The product should be stored at cool place above 0℃,the shelf life is one year.

Construction Condition

Application temperature below 0℃ or outside application in rains are not allowed.

Application Scope

It can be used in the wet or dry surface of masonry,mortar ,concrete ,metal ,timber, asbestos, Cement tile, new and old building’s roofs, basements,tunnels,bridge,pond, reservoir,it can also used as decorative coating for exterior wall.

Substrate Treatment

Make sure substrates are leveled, firm, clean and no visual water. Any cracks should be repaired first. Internal & external corners should be curved shape.

Material preparation

Opening the bucket and observing whether the paint is precipitated, you should stir evenly firstly and use it if there is stratification,if the paint is too dense, you can add a little water and stir well, the bottom layer should be more dilute

Available Time And Dry Solid Time

When the environmental temperature is 20℃,the tack-free time of the coating is 6 hours,the hard drying time is 12 hours,The environment temperature is low, humidity is big, ventilation is poor, the available time and dry solid time are long, on the contrary, it is shorter.

Construction Method

(1).Method I

Coating structure


Construction sequence


Quantity of each layer:0.3kg/m2,0.9kg/m2,0.9kg/m2,

Amount Quantity:2.1kg/m2


(2).Method II

Coating structure


Construction sequence


Quantity of each layer:0.3kg/m2,0.9kg/m2,0.9kg/m2,0.9kg/m2

Amount Quantity:3.0kg/m2


(2).Method III

Coating structure


Construction sequence


Quantity of each layer:0.3kg/m2,0.7kg/m2,30-60g/m2,0.7kg/m2,0.9kg/m2

Amount Quantity:2.6kg/m2


Construction operation

Coating the layer with the rolling brush or brush, in accordance with the bottom - lower - non-woven cloth(glass fiber cloth)-middle-upper layer, If the the lower needed to be added cloth,lower layer,non-woven cloth layer and the middle layer construction should be continuous. The intervals between the layers should be based on the dry solid of the previous coating. According to the actual requirements of the project,it can be made three layers or four layers,non-woven cloth(glass fiber cloth)and color can be added or not.


1.The coating is evenly as soon as possible,not partial deposition, each layer must be coated according to the prescribed amount of material, the coating layer can not be too thick or too thin, if the thickness of waterproof layer is not enough, you can add a layer.

2.The protective layer should be done when finishing the waterproof layer so as to avoid the waterproof layer.

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One component waterproof purpose acrylic coating is formulated by combining high polymer acrylic waterproof emulsion,multiple inorganic materials and addictive agents proportionately.Acrylic coating are widely used in exterior wall,basement,parking lots,balcony,bath room,interior floor for water-proof purpose. And it has better performance,such as non-toxic,tasteless,has a good anti-aging,extensibility,flexibility,adhesion.

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