APP Bituminous Membrane for Waterproofing

APP Bituminous Membrane for Waterproofing
Product Details

APP Bituminous Membrane For Waterproofing

APP Bituminous Membrane for Waterproofing,  its base materials are polyester felt, or glass fiber, dipped and coated with APP, or APAO plastomer modified bitumen, both sides are covered with fine sand, mineral granular, PE film, aluminium foil.

Product Features 

APP Bituminous Membrane for Waterproofing has features:

1) Good waterproof performance.

2) High tensile and tearing strength, elongation and size stability which accommodates substrate movement and deformation.

3) SBS Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane is better for building waterproof with low temperature.

4) Anti-puncture and rooting resistant, fatigue resistant, anti-corrosion, mildew resistant and weather resistant.

5) Easily operate with hot-melting method.


1) Roof and underground in industrial and civil buildings, wall, toilet.

2) Bridge, subway, tunnel, swimming pool, etc.

3) Waste landfill, sewage plant, irrigation system, etc.


Make sure the roof deck smooth,clean,and dry (moisture<9%),then apply the surface of roof deck homogeneously with a kind bitumen paint,till dry to start application.

1. Heating and melting method

Heat the polyethylene film of the membrane and roof deck surface by heating and melting method to be nearly melted(not flowing),then install the membrane fully bonded to the roof deck with overlaps of 5-10cm.

2. Cold adhesive method

Pour the cold adhesive homogeneously on the roof deck, then roll the membrane to install it to be fully sealed to roof deck.

By heating and melting method and by cold adhesive can be used in alternation in application as requested. After application, a full serious inspection is required to sure no air bubble, no fold, no falling away,etc

Storage and Transportation

1.Separate storage for different models.

2.Temperature should be below 50 ℃.

3. Avoid direct sunshine, rain, keep ventilated.

4.Do not piled horizontally, keep stand and not more than 2 floors. 

Thickness available: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm

Width: 1m

Length: 7.5m,10m,15m


Professional Price APP Bituminous Membrane For Waterproofing 


Company Information

Beijing Langwei Times Technology & Science Co.,Ltd. was established in 2004 and specializes in the pretreatment of civil construction special parts. We are a professional and innovative company with strong independent R&D capabilities. Our products are widely applied to subways, municipal administrations, tunnels, reservoirs, hydro dams and mines.

As an expert company in this field, we are always exploring the pretreatment product research of civil construction, later maintenance, maintaining technology and optimization and innovation of technology, getting fruitful results. In the last years, we have insisted on improving the product quality and customers' value, to promote powerful, steady development of enterprise.

Our offerings include waterproof product systems, grout product systems, grouting equipment systems and waterproof material systems. Our successful projects include the subways in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Chengdu and Shenyang, hydropower stations in Danjiangkou, Xiangjiaba and Tingzikou, mines in South Africa, and other domestic and overseas first-class civil construction and public buildings.

We aim to provide high-quality products and value-added technical service for global customers.To begin sourcing, contact us today. 


Professional Price APP Bituminous Membrane For Waterproofing



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