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Product Details

1.Environment friendly
2.Long-lasting waterproof performance
3.Easy operation
4.Quality guaranteed
5.Wide application
GCL is composed of 3 layers, the upper layer is nonwoven geotextile, while the lower layer is woven geotextile, natural sodium bentonite fills the gap between geotextile layers. The application with natural sodium bentonite can extend the using life of construction. Our GCL creates a new green and environmental building material.
1. Compactness: sodium bentonite formed high density diaphragm under pressure state, when a thickness of about 3mm, its water permeability of 5 × 10-11m / s or less, equivalent to 100 times the density of 30cm thickness of clay, with a strong self-protection water performance.
2. permanent waterproof performance: Because sodium bentonite-based natural inorganic material, even after a very long time or the surrounding environment changes, aging or corrosion will not occur, and therefore the waterproof performance is very durable.
3. The construction is simple:
compared with other waterproof materials, the construction is relatively simple, does not require heating and paste. Just bentonite powder and nails, washers, etc. are connected and fixed. After construction does not require special inspection, if found defective water is also easy to repair. GCL waterproof material in existing shortest construction period material.
4. impact from temperatures: in cold weather conditions are not brittle fracture.
5. Integration of waterproof materials and objects: sodium bentonite water, with 20 to 28-fold expansion of capacity, even if the concrete structure to vibrate and settlement, GCL bentonite can repair cracks in the concrete surface within 2mm.
6. Green: Bentonite is a natural inorganic material, no particular impact on the environment, with good
environmental performance.

Inspection Item

Testing Procedure

                Technical Index

Bentonite mass for unit area



Expansion coefficient


                     ≥ 25mL/2g

Low temperature ductility


                No impact at -35°C




Tensile strength



Peel strength of concrete face


                        ≥3.0 KN/ m2

Peel strength



Indicated flow


                     ≤1 × 10-8m3/m2/sec

Hydrostatic pressure resistance





                       ≤5 × 10-12cm/sec

Extension rate



Puncture strength



1.It is used in the landfill sites under the primary geomembrane lining.
2.It is used in the landfill under the sub-lining of the geomembrane.
3.Under the landfill geomembrane and below the clay layer, that is the lining of three components.
4.Under the geomembrane in the landfill cover layer.
5.Adjacent with the geomembrane in the vertical cut-off water wall.
6.It is used on the geomembrane to prevent the coarse-grained materials puncturing the geomembrane.
7.It is used as the second layer of underground water wells lining.

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Bentonite geosynthetic clay liner for waterproofing (GCL) is widely used in all kinds of landfill site, building roof, pond, underground waterproof and special requirements of the waterproof engineering.GCL waterproof membranes have better performance with excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, oxidation resistance, perfect anti-crack performance, strong adaptability to contraction and cracking of basic level.

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